Get Started with Studio

Studio helps to streamline and scale the creative process offering a suite of tools for designing, editing, and collaborating on image and video designs all within your Bynder portal. From creating marketing materials to designing brand collateral, Studio empowers users to bring their ideas to life seamlessly. See below to learn how to get started with Studio.

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Accessing Studio

To access Studio within your Bynder portal, ensure you have the necessary permissions assigned by your Bynder administrator. Once logged in, navigate to the Studio tab within the Bynder. Here, you'll find the tools and features needed to kickstart your projects.

Supported Browser

We recommend you use the latest version of Google Chrome.

Getting Started as an Admin User

Getting Started as a Content Designer

Create your First Design

Customize your Design

Complete your Design

Manage Designs and Templates

Getting Started as a Content Creator

Create your First Design

Configure your Design

Complete your Design

Tips & Tricks



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