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Like Digital Brand Templates (DBT), Studio offers two different editor experiences - one for designers and one for end users with no design experience. Get started with Studio and find out which Studio features match the DBT features you're familiar with.

Learn more about the upgrade process here

Permission profiles

The below table outlines which Digital Brand Templates permission matches the Studio permission.

Digital Brand Templates Studio
Manage documents Admin / Content Designer
Approve document Content Creator
Create document Content Creator

More information on the Studio permissions can be found here.

Documents vs Designs

What you know as documents in DBT, are called designs in Studio. Designs are the key files that Content Designers and Content Creators work with in Studio to create and export variations. Content Designers can work on designs in the editor, adjust, and save them as templates.

Learn more about designs here.


Template location

In DBT, your existing templates can be found under the Templates section and under the corresponding Campaigns.

In Studio, templates are available for all Studio users when they click + New design to create a new design, and for admins and designers to manage in the Template categories section under Settings > Templates. Learn more about template management and creating images or videos from designs or templates.

Editing templates

Depending on the type of changes needed for the templates, there are two options in DBT:

  • If changes to the design are required, you need to re-upload edited designs.
  • If the required changes concern template settings, such as approvals, export options, layer locking, you could create a new design from an existing template, make the required changes, and save the design as a new template.

Studio allows you to make any kind of template changes directly in the editor, even on the imported design files. You can edit designs that you imported before saving them as a template. Learn more here.

Template options

Studio has all the same template options as DBT, except for the option to send your assets to the asset bank directly, without using the waiting room. The options are outlined below:

Output options

  • Download = Allows content creators to download their designs.
  • Waiting room = Allows content creators to send their designs to the Waiting Room.


In DBT, the created work will be reviewed by the approvers configured for the template that the document is based on.

Approvals are currently on the roadmap for Studio. The approval process will need to be configured by the content designer in the design before saving it as a template.

After upgrade: All the existing template options that you configured in DBT will remain in place.


Campaigns in DBT allow you to organize your templates and the documents that users create.

In Studio, templates are organized in categories, and all designs (documents in Digital Brand Templates) that are owned by you or shared with you are available in your personal overview screen. Template categories in Studio can be shared with specific users, user groups, permission profiles, or set to all users. Learn more about sharing here.

After upgrade: All DBT campaigns will be available in the Template section in Studio. Studio designers and admins can manage templates under Settings > Resources >Templates. Learn more here.

The Campaign settings you configured in DBT will also be carried over to Studio.

Sharing settings

The existing sharing settings of a campaign are respected in Studio, which means that the category is shared with the same settings as the DBT campaign.

Campaign cover

Your current campaign cover settings will be applied to the new template category. We don’t currently offer manual settings for category covers. This is currently on the roadmap.

Import PSD/Sketch file

In Studio you can also import Sketch and Photoshop (PSD) files, similar to DBT. The support for these two formats is significantly improved in Studio. Learn more about importing via Sketch and Photoshop.

Please note that Studio does not yet support importing multi-artboard Photoshop and Sketch files, or working on multi-artboard designs in the Design Editor. When importing files with multiple artboards, they'll be saved as separate designs.


The Sketch and PSD files need to be added to the DAM before they can be selected for import. Similar to DBT, fonts need to be available in Studio prior to the import.


All the fonts you configured in DBT will be added to the Studio module. Similar to DBT, fonts in Studio need to be available prior to the import of design files, when that design creation option is selected. If you want to add another font in Studio, please contact Support.


Colors in DBT are added using a HEX code.

In Studio you can provide a name for your color and colors can be organized in palettes under Brand colors. You can create multiple palettes. Learn more about working with colors here.

After upgrade: Your existing colors from DBT will be carried over to Studio and placed in a color palette created for your account. The HEX code will be used for the color name.

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