Digital Brand Templates to Studio Upgrade Process

Digital Brand Templates (DBT) is being upgraded to Studio for a more cohesive, powerful, and user-friendly experience. We’ll inform you when your account has been upgraded, but if you’d like more information now, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Learn more about the similarities and differences between DBT and Studio here

Everything you need to know about the upgrade

As soon as the upgrade takes place, your users will get access to the new, improved Studio experience that they can explore and use right away to create content.

Your Digital Brand Templates configuration and content

All templates and documents that you’ve created in DBT will be available in Studio for immediate use. This also includes all the fonts and colors that you’ve configured.

User permissions

We will transfer the DBT user permissions to the corresponding permission profiles for Studio:

Digital Brand Templates Studio
Manage documents Admin / Content Designer
Approve document Content Creator
Create document Content Creator


More information on the Studio permissions can be found here.

Transition period

To make the experience as smooth as possible, you’ll be able to access the DBTs interface and use existing templates for a period of six weeks after the upgrade. Click Back to old experience on the Studio homepage to access DBT.


During this timeframe, you will be able to create new documents from existing templates in DBT. However, new templates will need to be created directly in Studio.

See this article for a detailed comparison of the Digital Brand Templates and Studio user interfaces.

Learn more about Studio:



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