Create your First Content Workflow Project

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Welcome to Content Workflow! Below is what you need to know to start your first Content Workflow project.

Create the First Template

Content templates make it easy for people to provide content in the correct format and style, whether blog articles, website pages, or email newsletter content.

These help articles should help you build your templates:

Create Content Items

Content items are where your content gets created. From the initial drafting to getting feedback with comments, through to final approval.

To create content, you can:

Create Folders to Organize Items

Folders are a way to organize content inside a project. They can be set up to reflect the sitemap of your website, the sections in your blog, or the best hierarchy for your project.

Customize the content workflow

When creating a new project, our default workflow will be built in. This four-step workflow includes Draft, Review, Final Edits, and Ready-to-be-Published.

You can customize your workflow to accurately reflect the process your team goes through when creating content.

Your project workflow provides structure to the project, by clarifying the content process to the wider team. Customizing each status and its description helps the team understand the workflow and use it as guidance once the projects are live.

Workflow steps can be read-only. This is particularly useful for situations where you want to prevent content editing, such as when content is at the 'approved' or 'ready to be published' step.

Invite your Team

Invite your team to this project so they can get started creating content with you. You can customize roles and permissions for everyone you invite into your account (e.g. clients, teammates, legal, etc).

Kick off the Project

Now you're set up for success! Once the project is in shape (with the above steps), assign the team to the items and the workflow steps they're responsible for, using your customized workflow for guidance. If you're working to due dates, you can set those for each status in the workflow.


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