Working with Multiple Content Workflow Accounts

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You can have multiple Content Workflow accounts linked to the same email address. This allows you to work across projects in different Content Workflow accounts you own or have been invited to.

Accessing Multiple Accounts

  1. If you have multiple Content Workflow accounts, you'll see them listed every time you log in. Click on the Account Name of the account you want to access.  [CW] Choose Account.png
  2. You can go straight to the Switch Account option in your avatar drop-down menu if logged in.                                                   [CW] Swtich Accounts.png
  3. You'll then be directed to a full list of your accounts, and you can select the one you want to access. 

How to Favorite Accounts

You can favorite accounts for easy access.

  1. Click the Star icon next to the account name to pin it to the top of your list. [CW] Star Account.png

How to View Inactive Accounts

If you're still a part of any old accounts that no longer have a Content Workflow subscription, they'll show at the bottom of the page under the inactive list.


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