Manage Access to Content Workflow in Bynder

If you have Content Workflow enabled in your Bynder portal, you can provide access to your users. Once they have access, you can manage their permission to Content Workflow projects here.

If Content Workflow does not appear in your Permission Management, contact your Customer Success Manager to learn how to enable this feature and any associated costs.

Who can enable Access to Content Workflow in Bynder?


How to Enable Access to Content Workflow in Bynder

  1. Navigate to your Bynder Portal.
  2. Go to Settings webdam_settings.pngUsers and Rights > Permission Management.
  3. Either create a new Permission Profile or select an existing one.
  4. Scroll or search for Content Workflow. Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 1.50.38 PM.png
  5. Click Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 1.52.42 PM.pngnext to Access to Content Workflow.  
  6. Click Save. 
  7. The Bynder users associated with the permission profile will automatically be added to People & Groups in Content Workflow. 

Remove a Bynder User Access to Content Workflow

You can perform this in two ways:

  1. Remove the user from all permission profiles that have access to Content Workflow permission enabled
  2.  Remove the Content Workflow permission from the profile they are associated with.

    • When this happens, the Content Workflow portal attached to the DAM will remove that user(s) from People & Groups within Content Workflow. You can manage their permissions in your Content Workflow projects here.

Important Information

  • When a user's profile information is updated in Bynder, their first/last name, email, or avatar will automatically update in Content Workflow.  


GatherContent is now Content Workflow. As a result, we are migrating knowledge base articles to the Bynder Knowledge Base. If, during the migration, you cannot find an article related to Content Workflow, please visit here. We apologize for any inconvenience.    



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