Import Content from a Spreadsheet to Content Workflow

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You can import content from a spreadsheet (CSV file) to kick off your Content Workflow project or add additional information to an existing project.

Before You Begin

Your content should be in the following format to import into Content Workflow:

  • Each row in your spreadsheet is an item. 
  • Each column in your spreadsheet is a field in the item.
  • Once imported, these will appear as field labels. 
  • Read our FAQ to learn how to convert Excel files to CSV.


  • If you've exported content as a CSV file from your Content Workflow project, you can upload the output directly in the Import tab.
  • Column headings must be less than 255 characters.


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Supported Import File Format

You can import CSV files only. Any imported spreadsheet should be plain text to enable a seamless import.

How to Import Content from a Spreadsheet

  1. Navigate to the project you would like to import information into.
  2. Click on the Integrations tab in the navigation bar.
  3. Drag a file or browse your desktop to upload the spreadsheet.
  4. Click Import # Items.
  5. Once the import is complete, you can either click on View your Content or navigate back to the Content tab to view your imported information.


  • All imported items will have an auto template structure that contains the date and time of upload. You can edit these fields and the auto template name. Click here to learn more.



  • If the number of items from the spreadsheet does not match the number of items in your Content Workflow project an error may have occurred.
  • We recommend copying the content into a new spreadsheet and pasting it as values or plain text.
  • Save as a new version and upload.
  • If your upload continuously loads we recommend checking to see if you have any cell references that may be blocking the import.


  • How do I convert an Excel file (XLSX) to a (CSV) file?
    • In Microsoft Excel, go to File, then from the dropdown menu, select Save As.
    • From there select File Format: and choose CSV UTF-8 (Comman delimited) (.csv)
    • Find your preferred save location then select Save.
  • Why is CSV the required file type for importing in Content Workflow?
    • CSV is a widely used file type associated with databases and spreadsheets which can easily be transferred between multiple programs. This allows for faster importing times and minimizes the potential formatting errors commonly seen when importing other file types.


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