Get Started with Content Workflow

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Get started with Content Workflow. Start setting up Projects, Templates, Items, and Workflows, and begin collaborating with your teams. 


Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn how you can enable Content Workflow and any associated costs. Learn how to enable access to Content Workflow in Bynder. 

Create a New Project

Projects help define the purpose of your content. They are made up of folders representing the hierarchy of your content and items, which are the content pieces. You may have a project to manage "Articles" and another to manage "Email campaigns."

Once you've successfully logged in, you will see the Project View. Select an existing project or create a new project. You have access to example projects to explore some of them. 


If you do not see the button in your Content Workflow Dashboard, you must contact your Admin to enable create projects permission in your account.

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Create Items

Items are located in the Content Hub. Items are the content pieces that live inside a project. Click on an item to access the content inside. Learn about Creating and Managing Content Workflow items.


Add Assets to Items

You can add files to your projects to add media to your projects. Learn more about managing assets here.


You can customize images in text fields using the Dynamic Asset Transformation module.


Create a Structure

Items are structured using fields. Use text, asset fields, and more to build the structure of your item, and include instructions and guidelines to guide your users. Learn more about structures and how to build a structure.  

Create a Template

Templates are used to help save time when creating new items. A template determines the different content fields required on an item. Fields can be customized to include different rules and guidelines. This makes it easy to ensure content always meets the exact requirements and helps authors and contributors know what is expected. You can learn how to create templates and manage templates. 

Invite Users

You can invite and manage your Content Workflow users in the People & Groups section. You can learn more about inviting new users and managing roles and permissions.   


Start Collaborating

Once you've created a project, you can assign team members to projects.

You can find your assigned items under My Assignments. 



You can @mention colleagues to notify and collaborate on projects and keep track of comments and revision history changes. You can subscribe to a conversationScreenshot 2023-11-01 at 1.19.04 PM.png to stay updated on recent comments.



Create a Workflow

A Workflow is a series of steps in Content Workflow to help move a project to completion. Typically, these begin at a Draft phase and finish at the Published or Completed phase. You can customize (if your plan allows) and configure different workflows for each project or apply a Workflow template. You can learn more about creating workflows.  



You can view a project's progress from the Overview Tab. f33c6449-27e2-45ac-8c4a-5cf933716074.png


Export Content

There are many methods to export content from Content Workflow. Via Content Workflow integrations, use Content Workflow API to build custom integrations or use the out-of-the-box export formats (Word, HTML, or CSV) to download the content directly.


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