Set up Google Analytics for your portal

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You can add Google Analytics tracking to your Bynder portal to track page views within the DAM.

Google Analytics can be used alongside Bynder Analytics to provide detailed user data. 

  1. Create a Google Analytics Account and obtain the Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID (GA4). To obtain the Measurement ID, navigate to Admin > Data Streams, click the stream, and copy the GA4 Measurement ID.

  2. Provide your Customer Success Manager with the GA4 Measurement ID and wait for confirmation that the tracking has been enabled.

  3. Navigate to your site's Google Analytics reporting page and click the Real-Time overview to confirm the code is set up correctly and you are receiving hits to the site.

It might take up to 48 hours to see the data.

NOTE: When Google Analytics is enabled in your portal, end users can see Google-related cookies on the cookie banner. For users who reject analytical cookies, Google Analytics will not be able to track their activity, so they will not be included in reports. 

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