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You can create custom email addresses for your Bynder account. You can set up any prefix for a Send from an email address. 

If you want to use another domain, such as, as the Send from an email address, the people in charge of the domain must authorize Bynder to use this domain name for emails. You can create any prefix once you can access a specific domain name. When you have authorization for, you can create a message from,, or Bynder will send the test email for confirmation. 

If the user, shares his collection and sends it to, then John will get an email from (Send from) The moment John replies to this automatic email, the reply to the email address will be used. In this case, we use the registered email address of the Bynder user to reply to the email address.

Your technical department needs to authorize Bynder to use your domain name to send emails under your name.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Bynder verifies the mailbox. We will send a confirmation mail to the inbox, and you have to click on the link in the email. This means that the email box and the email address must exist on your side to receive the verification link. You will only be able to use this specific email address as a notification email address and not any other one unless the other one has also gone through the verification procedure.

  2. Bynder verifies the entire domain. Then, the email box does not have to exist. This method uses a DNS record generated and outputted in a CSV document. Your technical department will need to create the DNS verification record and keep it at all times. When they remove it, email delivery will stop after five days. The advantage is that after verification, you can use any prefix, such as any email address you want for the notification email address because the whole domain is now verified. This will allow you to change it later, if necessary, without going through the verification procedure again.

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