Add Watermark to Your Assets

By adding a watermark, you can safeguard your images while maintaining a professional presence and promoting your brand. Watermarking is an Advanced Right option that you can enable on individual assets. Advanced Rights allow you to control who has access to particular files. The watermark right can be set on an asset indefinitely or with a specific start date. Only specific users with the appropriate permissions can download the assets without first requesting permission. All other users can request access to download, which will then be sent to the Waiting Room.

Once a watermarked asset is approved for download, the Watermark will not appear on the downloaded asset. However, you can add a custom watermarked derivative to make the Watermark appear on the downloaded asset. 

Who can immediately download & audit watermarked assets

  • Download watermarked assets directly: Users will still see the Watermark on the asset thumbnail but will not have to submit the assets for approval.
  • Audit download requests: Users can approve or reject the download requests from other users who want to download watermarked materials in the waiting room.

Set up your Watermark

When images are watermarked, the Watermark of your choice will appear on the asset thumbnail. Your Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager can upload the Watermark for you.

  1. Send your Onboarding or Customer Success Manager a PNG file with a transparent layer.

    • We recommend using an image 400 pixels wide with a DPI of 72 and the transparency set to 50%. The level of transparency can be adjusted to your needs.

    • The maximum resolution is 800 by 600 pixels.

Supported File Formats

You can set the advanced right to watermark images, videos, audio, and document assets. Although a download request is always required to download watermarked material, the Watermark itself will not appear on the preview of audio, document, and video files.

Turning off the preview for watermarked audio, documents, and video assets is possible. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you want to enable this feature.


  • When preview playback is disabled for watermarked material, it applies to all watermarked audio, document, and video assets.

  • When the preview for watermarked assets is disabled, even users with permission to Download watermarked assets directly cannot see the preview.

Who can Watermark assets?

Users with one of the following rights can set assets to Watermarked upon upload:

  • Upload assets with mandatory approval

  • Upload assets

Users with the following right can set the Watermark for existing assets:

  • Edit Assets


You can create a taxonomy automation to add a watermark to newly added assets automatically. Learn more here.

Add a Watermark During Upload

Learn more about uploading a new asset here.

  1. Open the Advanced Rights section on the left-hand side of the upload page.

  2. Check off Show Watermark * The wording may differ based on how your portal is configured.


Add a Watermark to an Existing Asset

Learn more about editing assets here.

  1. Select the existing asset you would like to add a watermark to.

  2. Navigate to the right-hand side and click batch_edit_icon.png

  3. Scroll down to Advanced Rights.

  4. Click on Show watermark *The wording may differ based on how your portal is configured.

    • Mark Now to immediately watermark the asset.

    • Mark On(date) to watermark the asset at a certain date. The date is displayed in the user's timezone (or the portal timezone if the user does not have one).


      Depending on your portal setup, setting up a future date for the Watermark may not be possible.

  5. Click Save.


Once watermarked, users who do not have permission to download watermarked assets will see an Available upon request button on the Asset Detail Page. They can click the button to provide the reason for requesting this file's download. The request is then displayed in the notification center and in the approver's waiting room.


To learn how to remove a watermark, click here.


Why would I want to set up watermark in my portal?

Adding a watermark to an image can serve several purposes:

  • Copyright Protection: It helps protect your work from being used without your permission. A visible watermark makes it clear who the original creator is and can deter unauthorized use.
  • Branding: Adding a watermark with your logo or brand name can help promote your brand. Every time the image is shared or viewed, your brand gains exposure.
  • Tracking: Watermarks can help track the distribution of your images. If your image ends up somewhere you didn't expect, the watermark can help trace it back to the source.
  • Professionalism: Watermarked images often appear more professional, as it shows you take your work seriously and want to protect it.
  • Preventing Alteration: A watermark can make it more difficult for others to alter or modify the image without detection.
  • Attribution: It ensures you get proper credit when your images are shared or used by others.


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