Limited Usage Assets

Marking assets as Limited Usage within Bynder allows you to control who can view and download your assets. Limited usage is an Advanced Rights option that you can enable on individual assets.  Advanced Rights allow you to control who has access to particular files.  The Limited usage right can be set on an asset indefinitely or with a specific end date, similar to an embargo. While set as limited usage, only specific users with the appropriate permissions will be able to view and/or download these assets. Assets marked as limited usage will display Limited on the thumbnail.

You can define Limited use for assets on upload or when you are editing.

Who can view and download Limited Usage Assets?

Users with the following permission right can view and download Limited Usage assets:

  • View limited usage assets for users to be able to view limited assets.

  • Download limited usage assets for users to be able to download limited assets.


  • You need to enable both view limited usage assets and download limited usage assets permissions for a user to be able to download.

  • We recommend granting permission to view and download assets marked as Limited Usage to only heavy user groups, such as DAM Admins or users in charge of content management.

Set assets to Limited Usage

Who can set assets to Limited Usage?

Users with one of the following rights can set assets to Limited Usage upon upload:

  • Upload assets with mandatory approval

  • Upload assets

Users with the following right can set existing assets to Limited Usage:

  • Edit assets

  1. If you are uploading assets, open the Advanced Rights section on the left-hand side of the upload page.

    • You can also set asset(s) as limited usage automatically using custom triggers.  Learn more about custom triggers here.

  2. To mark an existing asset as limited usage, click the asset in the Asset Bank, click the Edit tab on the right hand side of the asset detail page, then open the Advanced Rights section.

  3. Select Limited usage (your portal might have slightly different wording).

    • Now: This option will immediately set the asset to limited usage. When the upload or edit is saved, the asset will be marked as limited in the Asset Bank.

    • Until (date): This option will automatically mark the asset as limited usage on the date and time that you set. After that time, it will be visible for users in the Asset Bank. The date will display in the time-zone of the user (or the timezone of the portal if the user does not have one).

    • Click Save or Store selected files.

Limited usage assets inside collections

By default, when sharing assets with users, the recipient’s permissions will be respected.  Therefore if you share a collection that includes assets marked with limited usage to a group of users, only those who have access to the limited usage assets in the Asset Bank will also have access to those assets in the collection.

However, we can configure your portal so that limited usage assets are accessible to all recipients when sharing a collection.

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have this set up for your portal.


If this feature is enabled for your portal, assets marked as limited usage will always be accessible to all users in shared collections, even for those users who do not have the appropriate permissions to access these assets in the Asset Bank or if they are external users.

To learn more about Collections click here


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