Adjust Time Frame Filters in Analytics Dashboards

In many of the Analytics dashboards for Light, Standard, and Advanced, you can adjust the Time Frame or view the data in a graph for a specific month using the time frame filters. In addition you can control the Date Granularity for a closer look into the data. For example, you might want to check the asset view and downloads on the day of a new campaign launch or for a particular month/year. Follow the steps below to adjust the time frame filters on your dashboard to suit your needs.

How to Adjust Time Frame Filters 

  1. In the Time Frame section of the dashboard, click on the box to access the dropdown options.
  2. Choose your desired time frame from the dropdown menus.
    • Several options are available. The most commonly used ones are is in the last, is on the day, and is in the range.
  3. Click Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 2.36.44 PM.png in the top right-hand corner to apply the new time frame to the dashboard.

Understanding the Filter Period

  • The filter period is calculated based on the end of the full period, which depends on the granularity of your data.
  • If you are selecting a date within the range, make sure you select a day further than what you want. For example, if you want to see the metrics for this date range, March 15, 2024 - July 1, 2024, make sure you select July 2.
  • The filter always includes the current period up to its end.
    • For example, if you select the last two years, the filter will show the Current Calendar Year and the Previous Calendar Year.
    •  If today is in July and you select the last three quarters, the filter will display data from January until October, as October marks the end of the current quarter. 
    • To view the data for a specific month, hover your mouse over the line on the graph.

Useful Information

  • The percentage breakdown often appears beside the chart in a legend. Hover your mouse over each chart slice to see the total number.
    Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 2.39.35 PM.png
  • Click the number to see the specific breakdown in a chart or table. You may need to select Show All for additional options, such as the ability to Explore by Users.


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