Tips for Analyzing Reports in Analytics

Analyzing reports in Bynder Analytics can provide valuable insights into your digital asset management efforts. Whether you're tracking asset performance, user engagement, or campaign effectiveness, here are some practical tips to help you make the most out of your analytics reports.

Regular Monitoring

Make it a habit to regularly check the dashboard to stay updated with the latest trends and metrics.

If you have the Advanced Analytics package you can set up alerts to keep up to date

Define Clear Objectives

Before diving into reports, outline specific goals and questions you want to address. Are you measuring the ROI of a recent campaign? Analyzing user engagement with specific asset types? Clarifying your objectives will guide your analysis and help you focus on relevant data points.

Select the Right Reports

Bynder Analytics offers various dashboards tailored to different aspects of your DAM and user behavior. Select reports that align with your defined objectives. Common report types include asset performance, user activity, sharing and collaboration insights, and campaign analytics.

Customize and Filter Data

Utilize filtering options to narrow down your data to specific time frames, user groups, date granularity, asset types, or campaigns. Customizing data views ensures that you're analyzing relevant information and uncovering actionable insights.

Identify Patterns and Trends Over Time

Track trends in key metrics such as asset views, downloads, and shares over different time periods (daily, weekly, monthly). Identify patterns or seasonal variations that can inform content strategies or campaign scheduling. This information can also impact how an admin customizes the homepage.

Compare Performance Metrics

Compare the performance of assets or campaigns side by side. Look for trends in performance differences and identify factors contributing to variations in engagement or effectiveness.

Utilize Visualization Tools

Visualize data through charts, graphs, and dashboards to facilitate easier interpretation and analysis. Our Analytics provides visualization tools that allow you to present findings effectively and spot trends at a glance.

Collaborate and Share Insights

Share reports and insights with relevant stakeholders within your organization. Collaborate on findings and discuss implications for future strategies or optimizations.  If you have Advanced Analytics enabled, you can send reports to stakeholders via email. 


If you want to share a specific dashboard with a user who has access to view analytics, you can send them the URL, which will direct them to that specific dashboard. 

Stay Updated with Training and Support

Regularly participate in training sessions or access support resources provided by Bynder. Staying up to date with new features, community insights, and our product roadmap to ensure you're leveraging the full potential of Bynder Analytics for your analytics needs.

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