Create Direct Link to Asset Workflow Sections

Use the quick links below to access one of the Asset Workflow sections directly without using the navigation.

Direct link to start a job based on a preset

Customize the URL below to create your direct li. This link can be used to start an Asset Workflow job based on a preset. Replace the REPLACEME value with the ID of your preset.

How do I Retrieve my Asset Workflow preset ID

  1. Navigate to your Portal.
  2. Go to Settings > Workflow > Preset Management.
  3. Click Job to display the list of available presets.
  4. Click the preset you want to retrieve the ID of.
  5. Copy the ID from the URL in the address bar of your browser.
    • Ensure the URL to start a preset does not end with a slash (/).

Direct links to Asset Workflow sections Dashboard

Campaign overview page

Job overview page



  • If you have a dependency configured in the smart filter, it will not be triggered if you use the direct link.  No option has been manually selected, and the automation will not be triggered. 
  • You cannot combine link structures from different categories (i.e., a direct link for filters and keyword tags). 


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