Add comments and messages to jobs in Asset Workflow

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You can leave comments and messages underneath a job. You can leave them visible to other users or mark messages as private so that they are visible to selected users only. You can also tag a user in the comment box.

To add a comment or a message, go to Workflow and click a specific job to open it.

Before you begin

Go to Settings > Users & rights > Permission Management and make sure the users have the Mark comments as important in jobs and Create private messages in jobs permissions.

Try it

  • To add a comment, enter it in the comment box and click Post this comment. To tag a person in the comment box, enter @ before their user name. For example, @John. When you start typing the name, suggestions display.

  • You can leave a comment in a stage or you can click on a specific asset and leave a comment for that asset. Then, the asset thumbnail will display information that a comment has been left.

  • To make the message private and not visible to other users but the selected ones, select Private message, and enter the user or users for whom the message should be visible. To distinguish private messages from the standard ones, the message has a small lock icon next to the date posted.

    If at any later point you want to make this message or conversation string public again, click Edit privacy and either clear the Private message check box or add users who should see the message. Next, click Save.

    Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 11.33.45.png
  • To highlight the comment, click Mark as important. You can later remove the highlight by clearing the check box.

  • To provide an answer to a comment, click Reply.

  • To remove a comment or a reply, click Remove and confirm your decision.

  • To change filters to display, for example, only annotations, use the Show activities about... filter. The default filter is the Messages filter that displays comments and annotations. If you want to change the default contact your Customer Success Manager.

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