Add a button linking to templates or assets in Asset Workflow

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To help users quickly link to a guidelines page or, to select the right template for their campaign, Bynder can create a button in a workflow job linking to any page, image, or template. The button can be configured to only display if specific metaproperties have been filled in.

Try it

  1. Go to Settings > Taxonomy > Metaproperties management and create a new metaproperty. For details on how to create a metaproperty, see Manage metaproperties.

  2. Select Image bank as Module and button as Type. Make sure the metaproperty is set to Display field.

  3. In the Button options section, enter the label (name) that should display for the button, the URL that the button should lead to, and the target.

    • Select _blank if you enter the whole URL (with https://) and you link to an external target.

    • Select _self if you link to a target in the brand portal, for example, an image or a page in guidelines.

  4. Map this metaproperty onto a workflow metaproperty. Go to Settings > Workflow > Metaproperties Management.

  5. Click + Add metaproperty.

  6. In the Type dropdown, select Asset Library metaproperty. Next, select the button metaproperty you have created.

  7. Go to Settings > Workflow > Preset Management > Job.

  8. Create a new preset.

  9. In the Stage section, select Form in the Type dropdown.

  10. In the Form dropdown, select Metaproperties.

  11. Click in the Editable metaproperties section and select the metaproperty you created.

  12. In the Attachment section, add the created metaproperty to the Metaproperties section.

Now, when you create a job based on the preset you've created in step 8, the button appears in the form section of the workflow job.

If you want to make the button display only when a certain option is selected in the form, you need to make this metaproperty dependent on another metaproperty.

To create this dependency, create another metaproperty, for example:


If your button should display based on, for example, user selecting the LinkedIn channel, then open the button metaproperty in Settings > Workflow > Metaproperties Management and select Visible based on other metaproperty, and select the option that should trigger the button. For example,


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