Download Approval Asset Workflows

Download approval workflows allow you to approve download requests by multiple users in addition to providing more insight into why users make use of downloading watermarked materials.

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A download approval workflow is a Asset Workflow preset that helps you to gather more information on why users want to download a watermarked asset. This type of workflow can also facilitate an approval process with multiple steps where assets need to be approved by multiple approvers.


Once the job is sent to the final download stage all users who have access to the job will be able to download the original assets without watermark in the download stage, regardless of whether they were added to Disable asset download for profiles.

If your approval process requires  more than two individuals to approve, you can add one or more stages in between and assign them to specific approvers.


Make sure that the Finish job button in the last stage of the approval workflow is clicked in order for the user to receive an email notification that the approval process has been completed.

How to create an approval workflow

  1. Go to settings_menu.pngSettings > Workflow > Preset management and click Add preset.

  2. Click the Campaign dropdown and assign the preset to an existing Asset Workflow campaign.

  3. Set up the first stage to retrieve information on why the user wants to download the watermarked asset. Read more about Asset Workflow presets here.

    • Set the stage Type to Form.

    • In the Form section set up the right job metaproperties, so that you can gather the necessary information for your approver(s) to process the download request.

    • Disable the download of the original file by making sure the option Allow downloading the original version of watermarked assets is not selected for this stage.

  4. Click Add another stage and set up the approver stage the following way:

    • Set the stage Type to Default.

    • Click the Assign responsibility field and assign the stage to the right approver or group of approvers.

  5. Click Add another stage and set up the download stage the following way:

    • Set the stage Type to Download.

    • (Optional) Set up a responsible user for this stage by selecting the appropriate user or user group in the Assign responsibility field.

    • Select the option Allow downloading the original version of watermarked assets in order to let the user download the original file without watermark.

    • (Optional) Select the option to Enable downloads.

      • If you select Enable downloads you can additionally select Allow only approved assets to be downloaded.

  6. (Optional) In case you want multiple users or user groups to approve the asset you can add extra approval stages in between the first and the last stage. Follow the instructions in step 4 to set up more approval stages.

  7. Click Save to save your preset

You can now start assigning your approval flow to individual watermarked assets or create different approval flows.

How to assign an approval flow to an asset

Follow the steps below to assign an approval flow to a watermarked asset.

  1. Open the asset for which you want to set up an approval flow.

  2. Open the Edit tab.

  3. Go to the Advanced Rights section and make sure the options Show watermark and Downloadable are ticked.

  4. Tick the Start workflow option and in the dropdown that appears select the desired approval flow.

  5. Click Save to save the changes.

Users who want to download the watermarked asset can click the Start download request button in the asset detail view to request the download.



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