Search Dashboard in Advanced Analytics

The Search Dashboard is part of Advanced Analytics, offering insights into portal search trends and user search behavior. This data helps optimize your DAM, improve user experience, and better meet user needs. Each dashboard provides a detailed view of search results to address content discovery challenges.

By analyzing the dashboard data, you can identify popular searches and resolve common search issues, creating a more user-friendly experience.

The Search Dashboard includes three sections: Overview, Explore, and Details.

It shows how users interact with Bynder during search sessions, highlighting successful searches and instances where users struggle to find content. Insights include:

  • Who is searching: Identifying users initiating search queries.
  • What they are searching for: Analyzing search terms used by users.
  • How they refine their search: Examining filters and tags used during searches. 

How Can I Use This Data

Based on the data taken from this dashboard, you can take proactive steps to optimize the DAM.

  • Refine taxonomy: Adjust filters and tags based on user search behavior to ensure content discoverability. Remove unnecessary filters, add filters of popular keywords. 
  • Homepage optimization: Reorganize the homepage to feature frequently searched content or address common search queries prominently.
  • Enhance user guidance: Leverage insights to assist users in navigating the DAM platform, improving overall usability.
  • Identify Key Users and Groups: Acknowledge who the most active users and user groups are and leverage them to enhance engagement and inspire usage of the portal. 

Take a Closer Look

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