Asset Intended Use Dashboard in Advanced Analytics

The Asset Intended Use Dashboard gives insight into why logged-in users download assets, whether for internal, marketing, or other custom field purposes, based on their response when requesting an asset. This data can reveal that assets are being reused for marketing purposes, thus helping you enhance your content strategy and efficiently reuse existing assets to reduce costs.

You can view the Asset Intended Use dashboard with our Standard and Advanced Analytics package.


To see data on this dashboard, activate the download form in your portal settings to start receiving responses. Data will begin to appear the day after you receive the initial response.

How to enable this feature in your portal?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn about enabling Advanced Analytics in your portal and any associated costs.



You can schedule reports and dashboards and create alerts to be sent directly to users' and non-users emails for greater visibility of your portal's performance and usage.

Exploring the Asset Intended Use Dashboard (Advanced Analytics)

You can filter this dashboard by time frame, date granularity, reason, asset, user group, user profile, and metaproperty options.

This dashboard displays the number of downloads and the reasons users provided them. It also shows how many times each specific reason is provided. You can analyze this data by user groups and individual users.

Additionally, you can view the selected reasons categorized by metaproperty and metaproperty options. These categories can help break down data; for example, you can see the downloads by specific country, department, or campaign if you have those set in your taxonomy.

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What happens if I download multiple assets at the same time?
When multiple different assets are downloaded simultaneously, each download will be considered a separate download event and "marked" with the same selected reason(s) for analytics purposes.

Can translations for the introductory question and all the reasons be provided in all available languages on the portal?
The original name will always be sent, ensuring that it will be considered the same regardless of whether a user selects Reason 1 in Spanish or Chinese.

What happens to my data when I update my answers? Will the old data persist, and when will the new answers appear in analytics?
Old data will remain visible alongside the new data. The updated answers will begin to appear in analytics within a day.

Why do I have fewer downloads? What are the reasons compared to my overall downloads?
Not all downloads prompt the form to appear. Downloads via the API or from non-logged-in users do not trigger the form to display.

Can I turn off the form and still access my old data on the dashboard?
Yes, you can turn off the form and still view your existing data on the dashboard.


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