Edit inactive stages in Asset Workflow

You can select an option to edit inactive stages in workflows. These editing rights mean that users can remove attachments and assets, edit form fields, add and remove tasks, or edit or remove stages. Uploading assets to inactive stages is not possible.

The edit rights work in combination with the Editable by field in the workflow. See Assign edit rights to stages.

The customer can now decide which user profiles can edit workflow stages.

How to enable this feature?

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have this feature enabled for your portal.

Try it

  1. Go to Settings > Users & rights > Permission Management.

  2. Select the profile which you want to be able to edit inactive stages.

  3. Enable the Manage inactive stages permission.

  4. Click Save to save the changes.


The selected users can now edit inactive stages in the workflow. Depending on the option selected in the Editable by field, these can be all the users involved in the workflow, only the person responsible for a particular stage, or the person responsible for the stage and the person accountable for the whole workflow job.


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