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To prepare for the implementation of the Asset Workflow module, start documenting your workflow processes. The most important aspects that we need to know are what is happening and who is taking the action. Sometimes a number of people may be involved during the same stage, and our implementation team will help you determine which actions should be stages and which actions should be tasks within a stage.

Example of a Well Documented Workflow

The following is a line-by-line work process for designing a flier:

  • Project Owner fills out brief to request a designed flier

  • Content Writer writes draft of the text for the flier

  • Content Editor comments on the draft

  • Content Writer re-writes the text

  • Designer uploads a draft of the flier

  • Content Writer reviews the draft content

  • Designer uploads a second draft of the flier, if necessary

  • Project Owner approves final design

  • Delivery Team submits the designed flier to the Asset Library

The following diagram draws out the above line-by-line workflow into stages (also detailing the WHAT and WHO).


This is an example of a poorly designed workflow.


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