What is a Tag

Tags are a fundamental part of your taxonomy. They help enrich your assets with keywords, classify assets, and provide additional information to your end users. 

You can find tags on your Asset Overview page and use smart filters or the search bar to discover assets with a specific tag. 

You can add tags to your assets automatically during upload, manually, or via tags generated by Text in Image Search during upload.

Filter Bar

The 25 most used tags are in the Tags smartfilter. If automated tags are activated for your portal, they will also be here.

  1. Click tags_filter.png to open the tag filter.

    • Note: This might have a different name in your portal.
  2. Click a tag or automated tag to filter it.

Search Bar

You can use the search bar if the tag you're looking for is not listed in the smart filter.

  1. Enter the tag in the search bar. The tags that match your search results will be displayed in the All tags for ... section.

  2. Click the tag you want to filter on, or simply click enter on your keyboard.


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