Searching for Projects in Content Workflow

You can search for projects or items using the search bar in your Content Workflow account. Here's how you can search and filter your content effectively. 

Search for Projects

  1. Navigate to Content Workflow > Project View.
  2. Type the project's name into the Filter Box.[CW] Project Filter.png
  3. As you type, the projects will be filtered and displayed.[CW] Filtering Projects.png
  4. The overview page shows projects ordered by recently updated status, with overdue items appearing first.

Searching for Items

You can search from two places: the project view or within a project

From the Project View

  1. Navigate to the projects view.
  2. Click the search bar in the top right-hand corner.[CW] Search Projects View.png
  3. Type your search prompt and select an item from the results list. Items matching your search will appear first, followed by matches within the content.[CW] Search Results Projects View.png

From Within a Project

  1. Inside a project, find the search bar in the top right-hand corner.[CW] Content Hub Search.png
  2. Type the name of the item you’re looking for and select it from the list.
    • When searching within a project, it automatically finds items in that project. Toggle the switch to search all projects.

[CW] All Projects Toggle.png

Filtering Items

You can filter items based on various criteria:

Approved: Instantly displays items that have been approved.
Assignee: Filters items by the assigned user.

[CW] Assignee Filter.png

Item Name: Filters items containing your specified text string.

[CW] Item Name Filter.pngOverdue: Instantly displays overdue items.
Template: Filters items by their applied template.

[CW] Template Filter.png

Workflow Status: Filters items at a particular stage in your workflow.

[CW] Workflow Filter.png

[CW] Status Filter.png

How to Apply Filters

  1. Navigate to Content Workflow
  2. From the content hub, click on the + Add filter available in the All Items view, My Assignments view, and project folders.
  3. Select the desired filter from the dropdown menu.
  4. You can combine multiple filters to find what you need quickly.
    •  Selecting an existing filter allows you to change its value. Click X to remove a filter.

      [CW] Filter Options.png

Sorting Items by Column

In the Content Hub, you can sort items by clicking on the column headers. Active sorts are highlighted in blue with an arrow indicating the sort direction.[CW] Column Sort.png

Sorting Options

  • Name (Alphabetical)
  • Template (Alphabetical)
  • Next Due (Date)
  • Updated (Date)
  • Assignees (Number of)
  • Folder (Alphabetical)
  • Comments (Number of)

Sort Function Settings

Clicking a column heading cycles through these options.

  • Ascending
  • Descending
  • No sorting


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