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Metaproperty options belong to specific metaproperties and play a big role in your portal's taxonomy. They allow you to classify your assets better and help users find the assets they seek.

Metaproperties and their options are essential to your Bynder taxonomy and should be configured before you upload your assets. You cannot add options for the metaproperties of linked assets, text, and button types. 

For example, if you have a Country metaproperty, you can add countries as options to this metaproperty.

Once you have set up your metaproperty option, you can change them.

Create Metaproperty Options

Once you've successfully set up your metaproperties, you can add options.

  1. Navigate to settings_menu.png Settings > Taxonomy > Metaproperties management and click Metaproperties and options in the left sidebar.

  2. Navigate or search for the metaproperty you want to add an option to.

  3. Click + Add Option.

  4. Under Options, enter the option name and click Add Option.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Once you've added all the options, you can customize the following fields for each option.

  7. Click the option you would like to customize.

    • Name: Option Name.

    • Access Rights: Set permissions on a metaproperty level. Learn more here.

    • Translations: Add multiple languages.

    • Option details: You can view the database name, option ID, and external reference here. (Note: Database name and option ID cannot be edited)

      • External references can be any external sources, such as an external URL or Product SKU, that you would like to associate with this option.
    • Visual: You can use a Font Awesome icon or upload your image to display in the smart filter next to the option name.

      • Font Awesome Icon: You can use Font Awesome icons available here, v4.7 and below. Click to browse or search for icons.


        • To use an icon from Font Awesome, click on it to get the full name and copy it.

        • Click next to the Font Awesome icon and paste the name.

        • Click  to save.

      • Upload image:

        • Click next to Upload an image to the metaproperty option icon page.

        • Click + and select an image from your computer.

          • The recommended size for images is 24 px with a 1:1 ratio.
        • Click Save. 


          Icons from Font Awesome version 5 or above are not supported.
          The name of the icon can be up to 15 characters. 

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