Create Metaproperties

Metaproperties and their options are essential to your Bynder taxonomy and should be configured before you upload your assets.

Once you've created your metaproperties, you can configure, edit, or delete the options in your portal under metaproperties management

Create Metaproperties

  1. Navigate to settings_menu.png Settings > Taxonomy > Metaproperties management and click Metaproperties and options in the left sidebar.

  2. Click New metaproperty in the top right corner.

  3. Enter a unique name for the new metaproperty in the Name field.

  4. Select the Type for the metaproperty. The Type Preview section of the screen shows a preview of the type and the user experience.



    Once you assign a type to your metaproperty, you can only alternate the Multi-select and Single select options. No other type can be changed after saving. If you switch the metaproperty from Multi Select to Single Select, assets will remain tagged with multiple options.

    • Single select

      Allows users to select one option from a list of metaproperty options. For example, a list of asset types where only one should be selected, such as image, document, video, etc.

    • Multi-select

      It allows users to select multiple options from a list of metaproperty options, such as a list of multiple regions where an asset may be used, such as the Americas, EMEA, or APAC.

    • Text

      Allows users to enter free-form text, such as the restrictions of an asset.

    • Date

      Displays a date picker to apply a month, day, and year to an asset, such as a deadline. Using a date picker avoids human error and confusion around different ways of date formatting.

  5. If you’re creating a Single Select or Multi-select metaproperty, you will see the following settings:

    • Autocomplete search: Enable the metaproperty options to display as a dropdown with search functionality instead of a list with options in the upload screen. If enabled, users can start typing the option they're looking for or scroll through the list of options. This is helpful if you have a long list of options.

    • Add new options: Enable users to create new metaproperty options on the fly when uploading and editing new assets. If disabled, users can only choose from metaproperty options added by the admin.

    • Options: Enter the metaproperty options you want to add to the metaproperty (these can also be added later).

      • Press Enter to add the option and click trash.png to delete an option.

      • Click configure-users_plus-sign.png the Add option to add another option

  6. Click Create metaproperty.


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