Uploading Assets

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Depending on how your portal is configured certain Bynder users and external users can upload assets to the Bynder DAM. 

You can upload most file types to Bynder; however, some file types will not produce a preview. 

We recommend that metaproperties are set up and configured prior to uploading assets to your portal. 

Uploading Assets as a Logged-in User

Depending on how your portal is configured a logged-in user can upload assets for approval directly to the DAM or to the Waiting Room. The approver is then notified and can approve or deny assets from being sent to the DAM. 

Upload Assets as an External User (External Uploader)

Upload assets as an external user.

Upload Assets via Mass Uploader

Save time by using the Mass Uploader to upload multiple files. 

Upload Assets via Mass Version Updater 

The Mass Version Updater helps you update versions of existing assets. 

Import assets using the Secure File Transfer Protocol, or SFTP.

Upload assets to Bynder via an integration using one of Bynder's available SDKs to speed up your development process.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn about importing assets via paid services and any associated costs.


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