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By default, the focus point of any asset used in Bynder is the center. You can change and customize the focus point if necessary. If you change the focus point, your cropped derivatives are updated on the fly, and the derivative is cropped from the focus point, not from the center.

If you are using Dynamic Asset Tranformation and the system detects a face or group of faces, the face will be used as the focus point.



  • Customers using Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) can override the focus point for image transformations within the DAT user interface. This override will not change the focus point for the asset in the portal, it will only be changed for the purposes of the transformation. 
  • You cannot set a focus point for watermarked assets.

How to enable this feature in your portal?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature in your portal and any associated costs.


How to Set a Focus Point

  1. Navigate to your Asset Bank.
  2. Select an Asset  
  3. Navigate to the Asset detail page.
  4. Select the Set focus point tab.

  5. Change the values for the focus point. The new focus point is marked with a circle in the asset.

    Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 18.19.07.png
  6. Click Save focus point. Your cropped derivatives will automatically update.

Let AI Facial Recognition Set the Focus Point

If you are using Dynamic Asset Transformation, you can save time and avoid setting the focus point manually by using AI Assist's facial recognition. The system can recognize faces upon asset upload and automatically set the focus point on the face instead of the center of the image.

Once facial recognition is enabled, it can only be applied to new assets, it cannot be done to existing assets in the DAM. 

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