Audit Requests in the Waiting Room

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You can send assets to the Waiting Room before they are sent to your Asset Bank. This helps manage the assets coming in via upload, external uploader, Asset Workflow, or Integrations Hub to ensure they meet brand standards and are approved.

You can control who has access to the Waiting Room and who can audit assets in the Waiting Room.

Who can access the Waiting Room?

Users with the following right(s) can fully access the Waiting Room and audit all assets pending approval:

  • Audit media in the waiting room

  • Users who have audit rights on the metaproperty access level can access the waiting room to audit the assets that are tagged with this metaproperty option (s)

Filter Assets in the Waiting Room

  1. Navigate to settings_menu.png

  2. Click on the Waiting room

  3. Select the filters in the left sidebar to find the assets you're looking for. You can view the applied filters in the top bar of the Waiting Room.

  4. Once you are done filtering the requests, you can begin approving.

Audit Requests in the Waiting Room

  1. Select the request you would like to audit.


    You can open an asset to see a bigger preview of the asset and to check the metadata if available.

  2. Check the Request info in the left sidebar.

  3. Select the media you would like to audit and click Approve request to approve the request, or click Deny request to reject the request.

    • [Optional] Click Approve or Deny all to approve or reject all assets.

    • [Optional] Permanently delete assets by selecting them and clicking the delete-icon.png icon.


      If you deny a request, users won’t be able to request it again. To approve a previously denied request, navigate to Denied Requests > select the asset > Approve.


Antivirus Scan for Uploads

If an asset is marked next to the asset description, it has been flagged as infected. The asset must be reviewed in the Quarantine before you can approve or deny the upload request.

If you cannot approve the asset, contact your Bynder or Quarantine admin.

Learn more about enabling this feature here

Set up the Auditing process for the Waiting Room.


As an administrator, you have the authority to choose whether users can directly upload or download files, or if their requests need to go through the Waiting Room first. You can also designate auditors to review these upload and download requests in the Waiting Room.

You can grant auditors overall auditing permissions to approve all requests, or you can allocate specific auditing responsibilities so that certain auditors only have access to and review requests within their designated scope.

Optionally, you can create an Asset Workflow preset to ensure the assets are uploaded to the Waiting Room before they can be uploaded to the Asset Library. Learn more about Permission Management here.

  1. Navigate to settings_menu.png Users & rights > Permission Management.

  2. From the user profiles, select the profile for which you want to update permissions.

  3. Select one of the following:

    • Upload assets for mandatory approval - users can only upload assets to the Waiting Room.

    • Audit upload requests - users can approve or deny upload requests in the Waiting Room.

    • Audit download requests -users can approve or deny download requests in the Waiting Room.

    • Upload assets - users can upload assets directly to the Asset Library, bypassing the Waiting Room.

    • Edit assets - The user can edit the media information without approval.

    • Under Workflow > Assets, select Approve asset- users can approve asset workflow assets.

  4. [Optional] Set up auditors who can audit upload and download requests of assets tagged with a specific metaproperty option.

    Click here to learn how.

    By default, the approvers will receive an in-app notification when an upload or download request is pending approval.


    If you want approvers to receive email notifications, please contact your Onboarding or Customer Success Manager to enable that feature in your account.

Set up a default view in the Waiting Room.

You can set up a default view by a filter so your approvers only see one request type.

  1. Navigate to settings_menu.pngAdvanced settings > Portal settings.

  2. Click Waiting Room Configuration in the left sidebar.

  3. Open the dropdown in the Default request type section and select one of the available request types to make this the default request type.



    If your portal is configured with an integration that sends assets to the waiting room, the integration name will appear in the dropdown. Learn more about our integrations here.

  4. Users entering the Waiting Room will now see this request by default.

Set up metaproperty filters in the Waiting Room.

Add metaproperties from the available metaproperties to create a custom waiting room filter.


Only select two available metaproperties in the list and can be selected. Request status, Request type, Request date, and Request by cannot be altered.

  1. Navigate to settings_menu.png Advanced settings > Portal settings.

  2. Click Waiting Room Configuration in the left sidebar.

  3. Click the + button next to a metaproperty in the Available metaproperties section to add it as a waiting room filter.

  4. To change the order of the metaproperty filters in the Waiting Room section. Click the arrow_up.png button to move a filter up the list, or click the arrow_down.png button to move it down.

  5. To remove a metaproperty filter, click - next to the one you want to remove.

  6. Click Save Changes.


    • The performance of the waiting room may be affected negatively when a metaproperty is set up as a filter containing many options. For example, more than 10,000 options.

    • The metaproperty filters show a maximum of 100 options by default. If the metaproperty you’re looking for is not listed, use the search within the metaproperty filter to find the option you need.

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