Create or Delete a Permission Profile

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In Permission Management, you can create and manage permission profiles. A permission profile is a pre-established collection of permissions that determines your users' actions in their portal and which Bynder modules they can use. These permissions range from basic access, like viewing and downloading assets, to more advanced rights, such as uploading and editing assets, or even managerial and full administrator rights.

Once you've created a Permission Profile you can begin to add users to their respective profiles. 

Best Practices for Permission Management

  • Avoid using generic names for your permission profiles, such as 'Marketing.' Instead, Use specific naming that better describes the roles of the internal and external people working with Bynder, such as 'Digital Marketing Content Creator.' This allows you to grant access rights, more specifically, without compromising security.
  • Match the permission profile of internal or external users with their role within your organization or as an external party.

Create a Permission Profile

  1. Navigate  to settings_menu.pngSettings > Users & rights > Permission Management.

  2. Click configure-users_plus-sign.png to add a new permission profile.

  3. Enter the Profile Name and Save.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Select the newly created permission profile and click empty_box.png You can begin checking the permissions associated with this permission profile.

  6. Permission dependencies: Some permissions are dependent on others. When relevant, you'll see a tooltip explaining which other permissions (s) need to be enabled before enabling that permission.

  7. [optional] You can make this permission profile or others in your account the default profile for your users.

    • Navigate to the permission profile and click three_dots.png > Check Set as a default profile.

  8. [optional] If you are making multiple permission profiles and want to save time, you can duplicate them. Select the permission profile you want to duplicate and click Check Duplicate Profile.

Delete Permission Profile


Ensure user accounts are no longer assigned to the permission profile you want to delete. Otherwise, the permission profile cannot be deleted.

  1. Navigate to settings_menu.pngSettings > Users & rights > Permission Management.

  2. Navigate to the left sidebar to find the permission profile you want to delete. Click three_dots.png and select Delete profile.

  3. Read the warning message and click Yes, delete if you wish to remove the permission profile permanently.


    This action cannot be undone.


Would you like to compare permission profiles?

Select multiple permission profiles to compare them. Alternatively, you can select the tick box at the top of the left sidebar to select all the permission profiles.


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