Assign or Update a Permission Profile

Once you create a Permission Profile in the Permission Management section of your portal, you can assign users to specific permission profiles and control their actions and access levels in the portal. Different permission profiles manage the permissions and access levels of light, regular, and heavy users.

How to Assign a User to a Permission Profile

A user can belong to one permission profile only.

  1. Navigate to settings-icon-small.png Settings > Users & rights > User Management.

  2. Either navigate or search for the user and click three_dots.pngnext to the user name.

  3. Select edit-metadata_pencil.png


    Does the user still need to exist?

    Create a new user account and immediately assign the person to the right permission profile. Read more about it here.

  4. Under Set user profile, select the permission profile from the dropdown.



    Learn how to create a permission profile here.

  5. Click Save.

How to Batch Update the Permission Profile for Multiple Users

  1. Navigate to settings_menu.pngSettings > Users & Rights > User Management.

  2. Either navigate or search for the users you want to update the permission profile.

  3. Check the box next to the users.

  4. Click in the top navigation, then enter the name of the permission profile.

  5. Click Save.

Helpful Information

  • In the top navigation, you can filter for a specific permission profile by clicking Profile and selecting it from the dropdown.
  • When you upgrade users by giving them more rights, they can move, for example, from Regular to Heavy users. You have a specific number of light, regular, and heavy users that you can use according to your contract. If you reach your user limit, you might have to deactivate some users or contact your Customer Support Manager to extend the number of users per user profile.


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