Permissions and Roles in Content Workflow

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Every person in your Content Workflow account has a role applied to them. This role controls what they can do in your account.  

You can create custom roles or use our default roles depending on your subscription package. Custom roles enable you to tailor your user's accessibility to meet their account responsibilities. 

View and Edit Existing Role Permissions

Your account has three roles by default (Admin, Author, Editor), but you can customize the permission sets for each, remove them entirely, and create infinite new roles.


  1. Navigate to your Content Workflow.
  2. Select  Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 2.39.18 PM.png in the top right-hand corner of any page in your account to visit the People & Groups area. 
  3. Click the Roles & permissions tab. Here, you can see the roles you currently have in your account and a short description of each role (the three roles below are our default roles).[CW] Default Roles.png
  4. Click Three dots.pngnext to each role to see what permissions and choose edit role to view and edit the permissions. [CW] Edit Role.png
  5. Once you've finished editing, select Save Changes.


[CW] P&G.png

Roles & Permissions

The table below provides a breakdown of all the permissions you can select for a role on Content Workflow and what they allow your user to do.


Access Granted

Access all projects

Ability to access all projects in your Content Workflow account.

Access account settings

Ability to access and edit all account settings - except changing the account owner.

Create projects

Permission to create, archive, or delete a project.

Change billing & subscription.

Ability to update billing details, view invoices, and change account plans.

Receive product updates via email

You can opt-in or out of the Content Workflow product updates.

Access all items

Ability to view and access all Items in the projects they have access to.

Create items

Ability to add, archive, and delete Items. They can also restore archived items.

Create templates

Permission is required to add and edit the structure of Items. Permission to create, edit, import, duplicate templates.

Edit Workflow

Permission to view and edit the project workflow(s).

Assign items

Permission to add and remove assignees from items.

Set due dates

Ability to add, change, and remove due dates.

Update workflow status

Permission to change the workflow status of items.

Leave comments

Permission to comment on any item that the user has access to.

Edit content

Ability to write, edit, and remove content from any item the user can access.

Export content

Permission to export content as Word or PDF documents.

Access the content map.

The user with this permission can access the content map tab in every project they have access to.

Access files

Permission to access the files library tab and to download files for all projects they can access.

Manage users

You can invite users and remove them from the Content Workflow account. You can also choose user permissions and which projects users have access to.

Manage roles and permissions.

Possibly the most important permission. Ability to edit user permissions, including their own. Use appropriately!

Can generate AI content

Permission to generate content using the AI assist tool, where enabled.

NOTE: Account Owner is a Master role, so it cannot be edited. Only one person can be the account owner of an account. 

Permissions FAQs

How do I set the permissions to get a 'read-only' user?

Create a role with no permissions selected. Remember to assign this user access to the items they need.

How do I set the permissions so users can only access what they've been assigned?

Ensure that the role does not have the 'Access all items' permission selected. Remember to assign this user access to the items they need.

Can admin users turn off 2FA (two-factor authentication) for other users in Content Workflow?

No, 2FA (two-factor authentication) can only be turned off by the user. (This is for Stand-Alone Content Workflow Customers.)

I need my colleague to be able to download invoices for our accounting team. How can they do this?

Contact your Customer Success Manager, who can provide that information for you.

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