Custom Look and Feel for Your Portal

You can customize the look and feel of your portal to align it with your brand identity. The standard theme comes with every portal however you can upgrade to a custom theme.

Standard Theme

Updating the look and feel of your Bynder DAM is one of the ways to make your portal stand out. Within our standard theme, you’ll be able to update the logo, colors, fonts, favicon, and login page buttons and copy to ensure that your portal is on-brand. 

Note: The changes are applied to the Asset Bank, Collections, Brand Guidelines, and Asset Workflow modules. Currently, Studio and Content Workflow are not customizable.

Learn more about the custom theme here


We’ve released this new self-service section for updating the look and feel to a limited number of Bynder portals. If you are interested in switching to the self-service look and feel functionality, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Standard Theme Customization 

Custom Theme

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about this theming option and any associated costs. The Custom Theme includes changes outside the Standard theme, such as an updated border-radius, button text color, portal text color, homepage slider text color and size, or a custom homepage experience. Check out our community to see how other customers set up their custom themes. 

Extended Theme


The extended theme option is currently being phased out. We’ve released a new self-service section to update the look and feel of a limited number of Bynder portals. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you want to switch to the self-service look and feel functionality.


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