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Fully experience 360 degrees images with our 360° Image Viewer. Find out below how you can start your 3D experience.

How to view 360° images?

  1. Open the asset that you want to open with the 360° Image Viewer.

  2. Click the 360_degrees.png button in the left bottom of the preview to enable the 360° Image Viewer.


    If you do not see this button the asset is not a supported 360° file format.

  3. Click and drag to move through the image.

How to upload 360° images?

360° images can be uploaded in the normal way. Read more about uploading here.

Tell me more about 360° images

360° images give you the feeling that you are in the exact same place as the camera was when the photo was taken. You see the image through the lens of the camera. With our 360° Image Viewer you have the possibility to look all around the environment by clicking and dragging your mouse.

As an administrator you can offer a unique experience to your users using 360° images, such as virtual walk-through or you can simply put a lot of visual information in one asset only.

Supported file formats

JPEG with a 2:1 aspect ratio


Contact your portal administrator if you have any other 360° file format.

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