Enable 3D Model Viewer in Asset Bank

3D images provide a comprehensive view from all angles. Our 3D Model Viewer enables you to navigate around the image by clicking and dragging your mouse.

As an administrator, you can enhance your users' understanding and experience of your products by providing 3D models in Bynder. For instance, before launching a product, you can allow users to virtually explore the new product in Bynder as if they had it physically present.

How to enable this feature in your portal?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature in your portal. 

How to View 3D Images

  1. Open the asset that you want to open with the 3D Model Viewer.

  2. Click  eye02.pngPreview 3D model in the preview area of the Asset Detail View to enable the 3D Model Viewer.


    If you do not see this button the asset is not a supported 3D file format.

  3. Click and drag the mouse to move the image. Scroll the mouse to zoom in and out.


How to Upload 3D Assets

We currently support the following file format .GLB.


What if I have another 3D file format that is not a .GLB?

Contact Customer Support who can assist with this request.


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