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Fully experience 3D images with our 3D Model Viewer. Find out below how you can start your 3D experience. Contact your Customer Success Manger if you want to have this feature enabled for your portal.


The 3D Model Viewer is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

How to view 3D images?

  1. Open the asset that you want to open with the 3D Model Viewer.

  2. Click  eye02.pngPreview 3D model in the preview area of the Asset Detail View to enable the 3D Model Viewer.


    If you do not see this button the asset is not a supported 3D file format.

  3. Click and drag the mouse to move the image. Scroll the mouse to zoom in and out.


How to upload 3D images?

3D models can be uploaded in the normal way. Read more about uploading here.

Tell me more about 3D models

3D images give you the possibility to view the images from all sides. With our 3D Model Viewer it is as if you can walk all around the image simply by clicking and dragging your mouse.

As an administrator you can help your users to have a better feeling and understanding of your products by offering 3D models in Bynder. For example, prior to a product launch you can let your users explore the new product in Bynder as if they had it in front of them.

Supported file format

At this moment only the .GLB file format is supported.


Contact your portal administrator if you have any other 3D file format.

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