Edit an Item Structure in Content Workflow

All items need a structure. This can be a custom structure that exists only on that item, or an item can have a template applied to it. A template is a saved structure that can be easily applied to other similar items.

If you plan to migrate content to your CMS using one of our integrations, your items must use Templates. Custom structures will not be recognized when creating field mappings.

Accessing the Structure Editor

You can edit the structure of an item or template applied to an item in two ways:

From an item

  1. Open an item that has either a custom structure or a template already applied.
  2. Select the current structure.
  3. For a custom structure, click the No template applied link and then Edit the structure.[CW] Edit structure.png
  4. For a template, click the template name link and then Edit template.[CW] Edit template2.png
  5. You're now in the structure editor!

From the Templates tab

  1. Navigate to the Templates tab.[CW] Structure Tab.png
  2. Click the template that you would like to edit.[CW] Template list.png
  3. You're now in the structure editor!

Editing Structure

Adding new fields

To add new fields, you can either drag them from the field menu on the left or click on them. Dragging allows you to position new fields in the exact position you want them to be, whereas clicking will add new fields to the bottom of your current tab.

Removing fields

If you want to delete fields from your template/structure, simply hover over the field and click delete, which appears next to the drag handle.

Deleting any fields will also erase any content on items that utilize that field once you click Save. If you mistakenly delete a field, reload the template/structure without saving your modifications.

Changing the order of the fields

To change the order of fields, click and drag a field using the drag handle that appears when hovering over a field.

Using Tabs

Learn more here.

Save Changes

Once you're happy with the changes you've made, save the structure or template and click Save. You can also click on the arrow and select Save and Close to save your changes and return to where you were straight away.

Tip: If you're working on an item when someone changes its structure, you'll receive a message letting you know this.

Disconnect Template from an Item

If you have a template that requires slight modifications for a specific item, you can detach it and convert it into a custom structure. This enables you to adjust the template layout without impacting all the original templates. For instance, when dealing with staff biographies and the CEO's page requires extra fields, you can detach a template and incorporate these changes.

  1. Select the template name link > Disconnect.
    • ┬áThis link will only appear if you have permission to edit templates.
  2. You just disconnected this item from the original template, but it has retained its structure and content.

Example Templates

Example templates are added to your project by default when you create it. These are a great way to see how other people have used Content Workflow for similar content. You can also use the example templates for your own project or edit or delete them.


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