Duplicate a Revision to a New Item in Content Workflow

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You can easily duplicate any past version from the revision history and create a new item based on that version. This allows you to recreate an item while keeping its original structure, project context, shared settings, assignments, and even due dates. By utilizing this feature, you can save time and effort by not having to recreate everything from scratch.

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Who can duplicate a revision?

Users with the following permissions can see the field history

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Duplicate a Revision Entry

  1. Navigate to Content Workflow.
  2. Select the Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.43.12 PM.pnglocated in menu located in the right-hand corner.
  3. Select Revision History. [CW] 3dot Revision.png
  4. Select the revision that you would like to duplicate into a new item. You can expand an entry by clicking on the arrow to show more granular changes.[CW] 3dot Revision.png
  5. Once you have selected your revision select Duplicate.
  6. A pop-up will appear in your window showing the details with the date of the revision, the entry being duplicated, and that it will use the content and structure from the original item. It will also give you a placeholder name with the option to change it.
  7. Select Confirm to duplicate the revision entry into a new item. [CW] DupeRevModal.png
  8. When an item is duplicated, the revision history of the restored item begins with the restored revision event. It is important to understand that the previous history is cleared, which means that the revision history from the original item will not be transferred.[CW] DupeRevHist.png


Once I duplicate an item where does it go?

The duplicated item is placed within the same folder as the source item, maintaining your folder hierarchy and ensuring easy navigation for you and your team.

What happens to the structure and workflow?

Each duplicated item is generated from scratch, using a customizable structure that matches the template from the chosen revision. This guarantees that the new item retains the same organizational framework, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your project.

The duplicate item will automatically be added to the first step of your project's default workflow.[CW] DupeRevStructure.png


What will happen to the components?

The structure of the new item will be identical to the structure of the revision, except for the components.

If you create a new item by duplicating a revision entry that includes a component(s), the components in the new item will be simplified. This means that the new item will still have the fields from the component, but they will no longer be connected to each other.

[CW] DupeRevComp.png[CW]DupeRevComp2.png

Will the original item's assignments and due dates be altered?

Assignments linked to the original item are copied to the duplicated item. This includes both individual assignments and assignments within a workflow. The responsibilities are preserved, so nothing gets lost in the duplication process.

The due dates assigned to the original item are automatically transferred to the duplicated version. This ensures that your timelines stay consistent and you don't miss any deadlines.

[CW] DupeRevAss.png

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