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A derivative is a variation of the original asset either an image or video asset. Very often a derivative is a smaller version of the original asset.  Derivatives can be implemented into external websites and systems. Using smaller versions instead of high-quality files makes your videos load faster and will improve the end-user experience. Setting up derivatives can also be a huge time saver since all the variations and modifications can be automatically made in your Bynder portal during upload. Users will no longer have to download the files first, to then edit and re-upload them.

You can set up your permission to allow users to download derivatives and/or the original file.

Default Video Derivative

The default video derivative is used for preview playback in Bynder. By default, the maximum video quality for video previews is 720p for the Asset Bank, however, 480p, 1080p are also possible.

For video previews in Workflow, the default video quality is 1080p. The default video quality in Workflow cannot be adjusted. If you want to change the resolution of video previews to 480p or 1080p, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Custom Video Derivative

If you want to enable custom video derivatives please contact your Customer Success Manager.

We support the following derivatives:

  • MP4

  • WebM

What else can be adjusted:

  • Dimensions of the video derivative
  • Ability to crop video
  • Quality of the video as Variable Bit Rate or Constant Bit Rate
  • Video derivatives can be made publicly available

We can customize the video encoding, audio encoding, bitrate, frame rate, resolution, sample rate, frames between keyframes, number of reference frames, profile, and level. Video derivatives can be made publicly available.

Manual Derivatives

The manual derivative feature allows you to make customizations outside of Bynder and then easily upload them back to Bynder as a manual derivative. 

Watermarked Derivatives

You can apply a watermark to your video derivatives to protect your assets used on external sites.  


Both image and video derivatives are stored in your portal and, therefore, count toward your storage

Recommended Image Derivitaive Sizes

Normally, we advise the image derivatives to be the following:

For videos, we recommend the following:

  • Original

  • Large (MP4 at 1920 x1080)

Read more about all the supported output file formats here.

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