Manual derivatives

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You can automatically create derivatives during upload and customize your files. If you make a customized version of an asset outside of Bynder, you can upload that file as a manual derivative. 

What are manual derivatives?

Derivatives are additional media items that can be automatically created during upload after they have been configured. Our derivative setup allows basic customizations, such as resizing or extending the canvas. In some cases, you may want to customize your files more advanced using your preferred software, such as converting your image to grayscale. The manual derivative feature allows you to make customizations outside of Bynder and then quickly upload them back to Bynder as a manual derivative.

How to enable manual derivatives

Contact your Customer Success Manager, who's happy to assist you in enabling this feature.

How to upload a manual derivative

  1. Open the asset for which you want to upload a manual derivative.

  2. Open the Versions tab.

  3. In the Manual Derivatives section, click add_manual_derivative.png Click to add a file to select and upload your manual derivative.

Your manual derivative will be uploaded and available for download in the Info tab.

How to download a manual derivative

  1. Open the asset from which you want to download the manual derivative.

  2. Go to the Manual Derivatives section in the Info tab of the right sidebar.

  3. Click the manual derivative to start the download.


Manual derivatives cannot be exposed via API and will not be available in any integration.

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