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The Adobe Creative Cloud by LinkrUI Connector allows you to search, filter, and check asset details metadata and access your Collections assets that live in your DAM directly within Adobe Creative Cloud without leaving Adobe. This Connector saves time and ensures the latest versions of your assets live in Bynder. This Connector can be used in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. When your Adobe file is ready, you can upload it to Bynder directly using the Connector. 

How to enable this feature?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about enabling this integration and any associated costs.

How to Download and Install the Connector

  1. Click one of the available download links below to download the Adobe CC Connector from LinkrUI.

  2. (For Windows only) Unzip the ZIP file.


    For PC users: If you are having difficulties with the Windows installer a zxp can be used. 

  3. Install the installation file on your machine.

  4. Open your Adobe software.

  5. Make sure the LinkrUI panel is opened. Go to Window > Extensions > LinkrUI to enable it. You'll be asked if you already have an activation code.


    Adobe Photoshop on macOS: If you do not see the Extensions option, you likely need to run Photoshop using Rosetta. This can be done by enabling "Open using Rosetta" in the application's info page.

    Additional details regarding this requirement can be found here.

  6. Click Yes to proceed.

  7. Enter your name in the Name field.

  8. Enter your email address in the Email field.

  9. Enter the activation code Bynder provided you with in the Activation Key field.

  10. Click the Activate button to activate your license.

You can now start using the LinkrUI Connector.

How to Use the Connector

By default, the plugin shows all the assets you have access to. You can search and filter the assets and collections to find what you want. There's no need to leave Adobe if you want to check or edit the metaproperties and other metadata your assets are tagged with. The plugin can show you this information right from within Adobe. 

  1. Make sure the LinkrUI panel is opened.

  2. Go to Window > Extensions > LinkrUI to enable it. The extension will ask you to log in to your Bynder portal.

  3. Enter your Bynder portal URL in the Server URL field and click Authenticate. A browser window should open to authenticate. If not, copy the entire URL from the connector screen and visit the URL in your browser.

  4. Log in to the portal the usual way. If your login is successful, the following message will appear: "Authentication complete. Please return to the LinkrUI panel in your Adobe application". If successful, return to your Adobe application and click the Close button in the LinkrUI panel. The portal assets will be loaded. Try logging in again if the authentication is not successful.

  5. (Optional) Search and filter your assets or open a collection.

  6. Drag and drop a Bynder asset to your Adobe content. Depending on your Adobe software, there may be additional steps to place the image into your actual content.

How to Add Bynder Assets to Your Adobe Content?

  1. Navigate to your Portal.

  2. Locate the Bynder asset you want to add to your Adobe content in the LinkrUI plugin using the available filters and search bar. You can also open a collection to find the asset you're looking for.

  3. Drag and drop a Bynder asset to your Adobe content. Depending on your Adobe software, there may be additional steps to place the image into your actual content.

How to Upload Your Adobe Files to Bynder

With the LinkrUI plugin you can add your Bynder assets to your Adobe files without leaving the Adobe Suite. 

  1. Ensure the Adobe file you're working on is saved.

  2. Click the linkrui_menu.png button and click Upload New Asset.

  3. (Optional) Change the name of your new Bynder asset in the Name field.

  4. (Optional) Add a description for the new asset in the Description field.

  5. (Optional) Add metadata for the new asset in the Metadata field.

  6. (Optional) Add your asset to a collection by selecting the available collections in the Collection section.


    Scroll down in the Collection section to load more collections.

  7. Click the Upload button to upload your Adobe file as a new asset to your Bynder portal.

How to Change the View

Two types of views are available in the asset overview panel in the Connector.

  • Grid View

    The grid view shows the thumbnails of the assets and a small part of the asset title.

    Click the grid_view.png button to enable the grid view.

  • List View

    The list view shows more asset information and can show more assets compared to the grid view.

    Click the list_view.png button to enable the list view.


Did you know you can change the size of the thumbnails in the LinkrUi panel?

Read more about customizing the size of the thumbnails here.

How to Search and Filter Assets

  1. Click the filter_linkrui.png button at the top of the panel to filter the assets by tags, file types, or your available smart filters.
  2. Select the appropriate values and click Show results to filter your assets.
  3. You can also use the search bar at the top of the panel to find the asset(s) you're looking for.

How to Access Collections in the Connector

  1. Open the All ᐯ dropdown at the top of the panel to open the list of collections you can access.
  2. Search in the search bar to find the collection you are looking for to access the assets.

How to View Asset Metadata

  1. Click the asset of which you want to view the metadata.

  2. Click the linkrui_detail_view.png button. A Details panel will appear.

  3. Scroll down in the Details panel to see all the tags and basic asset information. You can Right-click metadata and click Copy to copy the metadata.

  4. (Optional) Select another asset in the plugin to view the asset detail data of that asset.

Additional Preferences

  1. Make sure the LinkrUI panel is opened.

  2. Go to Window > Extensions > LinkrUI to enable it.

  3. Click the linkrui_menu.png button and check one of the options below


Scroll through the preferences section to see all the available preferences.

Asset size

Drag the slider to set the display size of the thumbnails in the panel of the Connector. The thumbnail preview shows you how big the thumbnail will be.

Local Asset Cache Purge Interval 

This setting allows you to set after how much time your cached assets will be cleared. This means that the assets that are cached locally will be removed. We advise using an interval that equals the time of the project you're working on in Adobe. If your project will take a week, set the interval to After a week.

Local Asset Cache Folder

  1. Click Choose to select the folder where the cached assets can be stored on your local machine.
  2. Click Clear Cache to empty the above folder and remove all cached assets.

Link Updates

This option can decide what happens when a new version of the assets is used in your Adobe file. For example, when using a Photoshop file in your InDesign file. If you upload your InDesign file to the cloud and another user opens this InDesign file and modifies the Photoshop file. With the Link Updates option, you can decide what happens the next time you open this InDesign file again.

  • Auto update: This will ensure that the latest version of the assets in your Adobe file will be retrieved automatically. In the above example, the new Photoshop file will be retrieved.

  • Prompt: You'll be asked whether you want to retrieve the latest version of your assets used in your Adobe file. In the above example, you'll be asked if you want to retrieve the latest version of the Photoshop file.

  • Do nothing: The latest version of the assets used in your Adobe file won't be retrieved. In the above example, the latest version of the Photoshop file won't be retrieved and you won't be asked to retrieve it.

Log Out

Click Log out to disconnect the LinkrUI connector from your Bynder portal.

Check Connections

Use this option if you're experiencing issues with the LinkrUI connector to make sure the Connector is connected correctly.


Click this option to see the Adobe files uploaded to your Bynder portal. If the Upload screen is empty, no files are being uploaded.


This option will refresh the panel of the LinkrUI connector. Click this option if you're not seeing the thumbnails in the Connector or having other issues.


This option allows you to set the level of logging.

  1. Select the Logging dropdown.
  2. Select one of the available options and click OK to save the option. The LinkrUI also has automated logging built in.


Click this option to see which version of the LinkrUI connector is installed.

Contact Support

Click this option when you need technical assistance with the LinkrUI connector.


Click Reset Preferences to return to the LinkrUI connector's default setup. This action can't be undone.

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