Microsoft Office Connector

Keeping up with the never-ending demand for content and ensuring the versions are always up to date can be a challenge for any creative team. The Microsoft Office connector allows users to search your Bynder DAM from within Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. By using your DAM as the source for all brand and creative content, your design team can focus on content creation instead of version management.

Tell me more about the integration

The Microsoft Office connector is compatible with Microsoft Office Suite or Microsoft 365 Online and works with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Users will be able to search the Asset Bank or collections for assets they have permission to, using smart filters, file types, or tags.

How to install the Microsoft Office Connector?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about Microsoft Office Integration.

Learn more about how to manage and install Microsoft add-ons here

How to use the Microsoft Office Connector?

Once the connector is successfully installed and connected with your Bynder Portal, you will be able to access your Bynder assets within your World, Excel, and Powerpoint documents.

Once you’ve opened a document you will see LinkrUI appear under Add Ons in the upper right hand corner and here you can access all of your Bynder DAM  assets

  1. Open a document.

  2. Click Add Ons in the upper right corner, then LinkrUI.

  3. Here you can access all of your Bynder DAM assets.

  4. You can search by file name, file type, tags, smart filters, or collections. Once you have found the asset(s) you are looking for, select the asset and place it into your document.

  5. Alternatively, you can select an Office file, such as a template or existing presentation from Bynder and open it in another tab or window. You can make edits to the document (including metaproperties and tags) before updating the version in the DAM.

  6. When finished, you can upload the file into the DAM as a new asset or as an updated version. Click on the menu item and select upload. To upload as a new version, keep the filename the same as the original file in Bynder.

  7. You can add the Microsoft Office file you are working on to a collection upon upload.


Do all Microsoft Office types support the integration?

It is available in the Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft desktop app.

Does the integration support all file types?

It supports all Microsoft office files.

Can you adjust the size of the asset you are uploading into your Microsoft Office document?

Yes, you are able to adjust the thumbnail size of the asset once you select it to add to your document.

Can you update metaproperties when uploading to the DAM?

The asset’s original file name, version number, and any embedded XMP data will display in the detailed view within your document You can add assets metaproperties and tags within the connector at any point during the upload process.


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