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Effortlessly add powerful artificial intelligence (AI) search capabilities to your Bynder portal to help efficiently organize assets and increase their findability. These features provide additional control over managing duplicate assets or close matches and help with discovering visually similar assets. Once the feature is enabled, you can begin using it directly in your Bynder portal.

How to Enable the Feature

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about enabling this feature and any associated costs.

Image Similarity Search 

Similarity Search takes a visual approach, is not dependent on metadata, and works across the entire library of assets, whether images are tagged or not. It ranks the entire library or selected images instantly. Multi-target Similarity Search is perfect for redefining a search or creating a complex search for ambiguous topics like fun, climate, and leadership through images. 

Text-in-Image Search

Search for images containing the text you want – directly from your Bynder portal's search bar.

Search by Image

When you find an image you like, you can quickly see if similar assets have already been uploaded to your Bynder portal. You can use the external image URL to find similar images and avoid buying the same stock images multiple times.

Duplicate Finder During Upload and in the Waiting Room

Your Bynder portal comes with a duplicate image finder built in. Using the AI-powered Duplicate Finder, you get complete control over preventing and managing duplicates by identifying duplicates before uploading to the portal.

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