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If you store InDesign or Illustrator files, this feature automatically relates your InDesign or Illustrator file to uploaded assets. This helps you keep track of the ingredient files for your final assets.

Bynder uses EXIF data to locate reference images. When several files are uploaded, Bynder initially scans the batch for associated assets and then looks in the Asset Library. If a reference image is found, it is linked.

How to enable this feature in your portal?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature in your portal. 


You must upload your ingredient files to your portal before or simultaneously with the INDD file. This is necessary because the Illustrator/INDD file includes a reference to the image that Package Analysis relies on to locate and connect files. If you upload the ingredient files after the INDD file, they will not be properly linked.


How to Download a Package

  1. Open one of the related assets.

  2. When your assets are related, you can click the Download package button to download the InDesign file together with the related items as one package in a ZIP file.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 2.38.14 PM.png



Does this feature work with any assets added via Integrations?

No, currently it does not work with any assets added via Integrations.



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