Quick Start Guide - Brand Guidelines

Before creating your first guide we encourage you to set up your brand colors and typography in theme sets. In addition it is important to set up the permissions around what users can do in Brand Guidelines.

  1. Navigate to your Brand Guidelines overview page. Click New guide to create your first guide.

  2. Enter a title for your new guide and click Create.

  3. An ‘Untitled’ chapter with an ‘Untitled’ page will be pre-created so that you can immediately start adding content to the first page. Double-click on the chapter/page title to rename it.

  4. You can create more chapters by clicking + Add Chapter in the sidebar. Learn more about chapters.
  5. To add a page to a chapter, click + next to the chapter's title, then enter a title for your page, and click Create. Learn more about pages.

    • Click to review and update the Page settings, such as to configure the title and header and to add a table of contents to your page.
  6. On a page, click  add_content.jpg to add a new section. A new section with a widget picker will appear on your page.
    • Click anywhere in the section or to update the section setting. The section settings allow you to update the background color, layout, size, padding, widget alignment, and widget spacing. 
  7. Click add_content2.jpg  in the section and select one of the available widgets. You can also add a section above or below. Each section will have its own settings.


    Click duplicate_brand_guidelines.png to duplicate the widget and its content.

    • Text: Write and manage your text content in the editor. Use the WYSIWYG editor to select the preferred heading, format, color, etc for your text. The text widget is limited to 4000 characters.

    • Image: Once added, in the widget settings, you can select media from your Asset Bank or Upload it from your computer. You can also set the Action if someone clicks the image.


    Only users with Upload assets and Mark assets as public permissions can add images. You can only select Original if the asset is marked as public.

    • Collection: You can only add collections that have the embed code available or that have been published online. Learn more about embedding collections here. Once added, check out the widget settings for additional configuration options.

    • Table: Learn more about table widgets here.

    • Color palette: Once added, click + in the placeholder to add the color name and codes. You can disable certain codes in the widget settings.

    • Video: Select a video from your Asset Bank and click Add asset. Click the video in the widget settings to swap it for a different one.

    • Audio: Select an audio file from your Asset Bank and click Add asset. In the widget settings, click the audio file name to swap it for a different one. Learn more about audio widgets here.

  8. Click View Guide to preview the page. Click Edit Guide to return to edit mode.

  9. To publish the page and make it available to users, click > Page > Publish.

  10. You can set up guide visibility by clicking and selecting Share. You can set visibility at the guide, chapter, or page level. Read more about guide visibility here.


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