Set Up Webhooks in Content Workflow for Notifications

Webhooks can be configured in Content Workflow to receive notifications for various events. By setting up webhooks, you can specify actions that will activate the webhook to send a notification to a specific endpoint. This helps update your stakeholders about significant events or modifications in Content Workflow.

How to Set up a Webhook

  1. Navigate to the project and select the Integrations tab.[CW] Integrations Tab.png
  2. Select the Webhooks tab.[CW] Webhook Tab.png
  3. To add a webhook enter the webhook URL, and select the event you wish to subscribe to. Complete the action, by clicking Create new webhook.[CW] Create New Webhook.png
  4. Once added, the webhook will send a JSON payload of data whenever the subscribed to event is fired.

Existing Webhooks

Any of your existing webhooks for the project will be listed under Existing webhooks.

Webhook Payloads

A listing of the expected payloads for each event is available here on our API documentation page.


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