Set Due Dates in Content Workflow

Due dates are applied to Content Workflow status to indicate when that phase of work needs to be completed. This will make it clear to your stakeholders what the timeframes are for each piece of content. There are two ways to set a due date: from inside an item (the content editor) or from the content hub (assigned to multiple items). You can view due dates in the Calendar tab or sync due dates with an external calendar like Google or Microsoft Calendars. 

How to Set a Due Date

From the Content Editor

  1. Navigate to the Content Workflow.
  2. Select the Item.
  3. Click on the Workflow Identifier to see the rest of the workflow.
  4. Hover over the workflow status you want to set a due date for, and click the[CW] Calendar Button.pngbutton.[CW] Calendar WF.png
  5. Choose a date and time from the calendar and click Save.[CW] Save Due Date.png

Tip: Due dates should be used to signify the end of a particular workflow step.

From the Content Hub

  1. Navigate to Content Workflow.
  2. Click the Checkbox to select the items for which you'd like to set a due date. Once selected, they will appear highlighted. You can hold Shift on the keyboard to select multiple items.[CW] Item Select.png
  3. From the action bar at the bottom of the page, click the [CW] Calendar Button.pngbutton.[CW] Due Date Action Bar.png
  4. Click the Set Due Date link for each status in the workflow for which you wish to apply a due date.[CW] Set Due Date Link.png
  5. Choose a date and time from the calendar, and click Save Changes to save.

Tip: Setting due dates this way will override any due dates previously set for those items and statuses.

Remove a Due Date from an Item

  1. From inside an item, click on the Workflow Identifier to expand the workflow menu.[CW] Workflow Identifier.png
  2. Hover over the workflow step and select the [CW] Calendar Button.pngbutton that corresponds to the due date that you want to remove.[CW] Workflow Calendar.png
  3. When the calendar appears select Remove.[CW] Remove Due Date.png
  4. This will immediately remove the due date for that workflow status. 


If an assignment is overdue a label will appear and the owner will be notified. 


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