Overdue Items in Content Workflow

When an item is overdue in Content Workflow, it will be marked as overdue and displayed with an overdue notification. Assigned individuals will receive a notification as the item approaches its due date and once it becomes overdue.

The projects view shows which projects contain overdue items, which are marked with an Overdue tag.

View your calendar tab to stay up to date on your items. You can sync your Content Workflow calendar with external calendars (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc).

[CW] Overdue Project.png

Manage Overdue Status

  1. Navigate to Content Workflow > Content.
  2. Select a project that contains an overdue label.
  3. Navigate to the Content Hub to see which item(s) are overdue.[CW] Content Hub.png
  4. Under the Next Due tab, overdue items will be highlighted in red.
  5. Hover over the highlighted text to reveal the full due date.[CW] Content Hub Overdue.png
  6. Alternatively, you can use the item filter option to view all overdue items in one view.[CW] Item Filter Overdue.png

Tip: The final workflow step in your workflow, such as Published, shouldn't have a due date to allow your published items to live on without an Overdue status.


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