Mobile App Comparison Chart (iOS vs. Android)

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We offer the Bynder Mobile App for iOS and Android Apps. See below for a comparison chart that outlines the difference in functionality for each device type. 

Mobile App Comparison Chart (iOS vs. Android)


Working Functionality


iOS App

Android App


Searching / Filtering

Users are able to search by keyword tags

Users cannot search for AI tags


Users can view recent searches in the app

There currently is no way to filter the waiting room for app uploads


Users can filter using both advanced filters and smart filters



Users are able to upload assets with the mobile app

All uploads are sent to the waiting room (this also applies to admins)


There is no ability to add metadata during mobile uploads


Required metaproperties are not respected



Standard metadata: “Added on”, “Date modified”, “Publication date”, “Brand”

AI tags are not displayed in the app, but are displayed in the interface





Disclaimers are respected

No derivatives in the mobile app, users always download the original file



Permissions are respected

PDF files can be viewed in the iOS native PDF viewer


Sharing & Collections

User can create new collections in the mobile app

Users can share assets, however they need to be downloaded first


Users can add assets to existing collections in the mobile app


The favorite assets are automatically sent to a “favorites” collection

Users can see all collections in the DAM, however they are blurred and cannot be added to


Users who log into the app with full collection permissions, have a holistic view of all collections in the DAM, which is different than the interface view



Content in the app is respected by the user’s permissions


Available Offline

Only implemented in iOS

This feature is not available for Android



Make assets available offline - in the app when no internet access


You can see it in the interface as well, but it needs to be triggered in the app


Notifications (non-Bynder)

Bynder would like to access your photos (confirmed for both apps)

Upload requests approved - No notifications in the APP


Uploads in-app notification (iOS)

Users still receive email notification


Android notification in the panel when upload is finished


Open Image Bank


Open Image Bank is not compatible with mobile apps




Favorite Assets

In the app users are able to add assets to their favorites and filter on the favorite assets

The favorite assets are only displayed in the app, and not shown in the interface as metadata


Custom Theme

Standard Bynder brand colors and fonts

Custom app colors are not available in the app



Not available

Not available



SSO functionality is supported in our mobile apps


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