Vimeo Integration

Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that includes features such as live-streaming and customization.
The Vimeo integration syncs video assets between Bynder and Vimeo, allowing easy content pushing and maintaining a single system of record. Users can publish videos from Bynder directly to Vimeo, eliminating the need to manually download and reupload to Vimeo. As new versions of videos are uploaded in Bynder, the new versions are added to Vimeo. However, changes made in Vimeo do not affect the corresponding asset in Bynder.

Important Information

Before setting up the integration, please ensure the following is set up:

  • Make sure you set up your metaproperties in Bynder ahead of time to allow for this integration to sync.
  • If the related metaproperties are deleted in your settings then the sync will terminate. You can restore the connection by editing the integration.

How to enable the Vimeo Integration

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about enabling this integration and any associated costs.

Who can enable the Vimeo Integration?

Users with the following permissions can enable the integration:

  • Portal Settings

How to Set up Integration

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced settings > Portal settings.
  2. Click Browse Integrations in the left sidebar, then Configure in the Vimeo section.
  3. Enter a Name for this configuration and click Save.
  4. Review the information, then click Next. screenshot_2024-01-18_at_11.14.04___am_480.png
  5. If you've already configured a Bynder connection, it will be selected. If not, select New Authentication to add your Bynder credentials:
    • Your authentication name: Enter a name for the authentication.
    • Domain: Enter your unique domain by copying the URL of your Bynder portal (including https://).screenshot_2024-01-18_at_11.14.16___am_480.png
    • Note: If you want to connect more than one Vimeo account, you will need to configure a new Vimeo workflow for each account you want to set up. 
  6. Click Create.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Log into your Vimeo account.
  9. Metaproperties: The following Metaproperties will automatically be created during sync. These metaproperties will trigger the sync.
    • Send to Vimeo: Yes/No (which is the primary trigger)
    • Send to Vimeo Status
    • Vimeo URL 
  10. Select the metaproperty options from the dropdown fields. You can mark a metaproperty as required, or optional. A video will not sync until all required fields have values. For example, if you select Content Rating as a required metaproperty control in Bynder, then the content rating of the asset in Vimeo will be written to the Bynder metaproperty. screenshot_2024-01-18_at_11.14.41___am_480.png
  11. The trigger metaproperties will send video assets to Vimeo from Bynder and visa versa. 
  12. Click Finish.screenshot_2024-01-18_at_11.14.48___am_480.png
    • Note: If you do not set up the required metaproperties in the DAM taxonomy the sync will not work.

Metaproperty Information

The following Metaproperties will automatically be created during sync. 

  • Send to Vimeo: Yes/No (which is the primary trigger)
  • Send to Vimeo Status
  • Vimeo URL

How to Use Integration

After the configuration, video assets in Bynder will sync to Vimeo based on the metaproperty triggers set during integration. Once the configuration is complete, the application will create the configured metaproperties, and their options, and make them dependent on the primary trigger (Send to Vimeo). Meaning, they cannot be filled until a user selects Send to Vimeo: Yes.

Once selected, the other Metaproperties will show and have the correct options for those fields. The interval will run every 5 minutes to check and see if there are any new assets in Bynder to send to Vimeo. The Vimeo to Bynder sync (if enabled) will sync daily. If you delete an asset in Bynder it will remain in Vimeo and visa versa.

Send a Video to Vimeo from Bynder

  1. Navigate to your Asset Bank
  2. Select the video you would like to send.
  3. Scroll down to the metaproperty created to sync videos to Vimeo.
  4. Select the  Send to Vimeo metaproperty and fill out any other dependent metaproperty fields related to sync that were enabled during set up.
  5. Click Save.

How to Edit Integration

You can edit the configuration if you want to disable the integration, update your settings, sync (or no longer sync) assets, or edit your Vimeo credentials.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced settings > Portal settings.
  2. Click Active Integrations in the left sidebar, then Edit in the section of the connection that you would like to update.
  3. Make your changes, then click Save.


What happens if I delete a synced video in Bynder or delete a video in Vimeo?
If you delete a video from Bynder, it will remain on Vimeo. If you delete a video in Vimeo, it will not affect the video asset in Bynder.

What types of files can be transferred over from Bynder to Vimeo?
Only supported video files will sync from Bynder to Vimeo.

Are there size limitations for assets?
5GB (from Vimeo to Bynder) and 250GB (Bynder to Vimeo)

How many videos can I sync from Vimeo to Bynder and Bynder to Vimeo?
This limit depends on your Vimeo account type. Please reference your Vimeo account to see if you have upload restrictions. If an upload fails due to limits, a corresponding error code will be written to the Vimeo Status Metaproperty.


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